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You say the only way is to run away... (Challenge 71)


Your challenge this week is to take the Lost fandom and cross it with something else. For example: jokes about Charlie as a hobbit, Desmond and "why is all the rum gone?", Hurley's "That was like, a Jedi moment" and the like. The images should be Lost-related (either pictures of the actors or caps from the show) but the text/jokes/references within are fair game. :D

If you're using an obscure fandom (i.e., something a random person won't instantly recognize) just list it for me when you post your icons here.

Same rules as always:
1. No more than 4 icons
2. 100x100 px
3. Less than 40 kb
4. In order to win you must vote during voting period
5. All entries must be in by Friday @ 10 p.m. EST. Voting will be up Friday night/Saturday morning.
6. style316, can you make banners this week?
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