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Lost Awards

Where we welcome you to get lost

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Welcome to lostawards, an icon contest community for the ABC show, Lost! Make use of your many Lost screencaps and media tools and make some great icons to enter and win

Challenges are various, either with a certain theme provided, screen caps, or lyrics. Anything goes! Well, as long as it's Lost related.

-Respect all members of the community.
--All icons must be related to the theme of Lost.
---Please do NOT disrespect the moderators.
----You must be a member in order to submit an icon.
-----Do not take any icons without the maker's permission.
------Moderators are allowed to submit icons.
-------Please stay on the topic that is given for that week.
--------Please keep your icon anonymous. Please don't show your submission to other users until the contest is over.
---------The winning icons are used as the community icon for the next week. If that is a problem please let a mod know.

-All icons must be at Livejournal standard (100x100 px, 40kb).
--Up to three icons can be submitted each week, unless otherwise specified.
---In order to win you must vote during the voting period. If you are unable to vote, please contact one of the mods.
----Follow the guidelines for that weeks theme.
-----Note that each icon submitted for a challenge, needs to be specifically made for lostawards. If it turns out you are submitting icons in two different challengs (even if it remains anonymous) your icon will be disqualified.
------Please submit icons with their link in the following format:


-You MUST vote in order to win at all. If you are unable to vote, please contact one of the mods.
--Do not vote for yourself.
---Vote for your three favorite icons in order of 1st to 3rd.
----Votes are weighted.
-----Non-members are allowed to vote.

Each Monday one of the mods will be posting a new challenge. You have until Friday to get your icons in. Voting will then begin late Friday/Saturday and the winners will be posted Sunday/Monday, and the cycle will begin again. The schedule is subject to change due to circumstances in the mods off-computer lives. Specific times will be given by the mods when they post the challenge.

1. House of the Rising Sun Screencaps
2. Quote Challenge
3. The Moth
4. Sawyer's Nicknames
5. Charlie/Claire
6. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
7. The Lost Awards
8. Raised by Another
9. Special
10. Friends
11. Homecoming Screencaps
12. Hurley
13. Cattooed Birthdays
14. Locke
15. "Stairway to Heaven"
16. Deus Ex Machina Screencaps
17. Boone Tribute
18. Actor Icons
19. Make Me Laugh
20. Do No Harm Screencaps
21. Pairings
22. Island Mysteries
23. Season 1 Bases
24. "Konstantine"
25. Exodus Flashbacks
26. Sawyer
27. Minor Characters
28. Shannon
29. American Bases
30. Happiness
31. Lost UK Promo
32. Oceanic Air
33. Themes
34. Tabula Rasa Screencaps
35. Jack
36. Season 2 Promos
37. Lost Girls
38. Lost Cast Hurricane Katrina Fundraiser
39. Man of Science, Man of Faith (or Generic Season 2)
40. Season 1 Set Photos
41. Flashbacks
42. Orientation Promotional Pics
43. Maggie Grace
44. New Characters
45. Vincent
46. Abandoned Promo Pictures
47. Sayid
48. Josh Holloway
49. "We Are The Champions"
50. Music
51. Black & White
52. Aaron
53. Golden Globes
54. Lost Cast Magazine Scans
55. Trust and Betrayal
56. Evangeline Lilly
57. Pairings II
58. Maternity Leave Pictures
59. Connections
60. Grooming/Hygiene on the Island
61. Emilie De Ravin
62. Whatever The Case May Be Screencaps
63. Josh Holloway
64. Michelle Rodriguez
65. Live Together, Die Alone
66. Golf Scenes from Solitary
67. Textless
68. Sun and Jin
69. Missing Chronicles
70. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Premiere
71. Crossoverscurrently running

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